Frequently Asked Questions

Qufro is where content creators and their supporters come together to make magic happen! Here's the deal: supporters ask burning questions to their favorite creators and then the creators answer them. For every answer they receive, the supporter makes a small contribution to the creator. It's a win-win situation! Come join the fun and ask or answer today!

It costs nothing to ask a question; the contribution will be paid only if the creator responds. Each creator sets their own contribution amount, which will be stated clearly near the "Submit" button and again on the payment page. If a creator answers a question then the supporter will be charged this amount. If the creator doesn't reply within a week then the supporter is not charged at all.

Qufro lets subscribers of YouTube channels support their favorite creators by making a small contribution for answers. The money supporters pay helps creators to create more and better content.

Qufro is different from Patreon in two ways: Firstly, Qufro creates an environment for creators and supporters to interact one-on-one. Secondly, there is no monthly commitment in Qufro. Supporters can decide how much to support their favorite creator; they may ask a single question, or many questions every day - it's entirely up to the supporters!

When a question is asked, the contribution amount will be held for up to a week. If the creator answers the question within a week then the amount will be paid to the creator. If a week passes with no response from the creator then the amount will be automatically returned to the supporter.

Creators only have a week within which to respond. If they don't reply in that time the question is considered to be expired, and creators are no longer able to answer it. The supporter is always free to ask their question again as they will never be charged unless a response is given by the creator.

If a creator doesn't reply within a week then the contribution amount is returned to the supporter.

Sure! A supporter can ask as many questions as they like, but each time a reply is provided by the creator the contribution amount will be taken.

Yes, the supporter can ask as many questions as they like in one message. If there are too many questions in one message then a creator might decide not to reply. Or maybe they love questions and will totally reply. Who knows?!

There is no option to edit or delete a question or response.

A good response is a matter of opinion and the creator is free to respond to a question however they like. Before sending a message a potential supporter can browse a creator's other responses to get an idea of what to expect.

Unfortunately not. A creator is free to answer a question however they like and if they reply then the supporter will be charged. A supporter can browse the creator's other answers to see if they are happy with the quality of response a creator usually gives.

Yes, if someone wants to ask a question to a creator then they must be signed up. Signing up is quick, free and easy though - just use your Google account!

Qufro is a brand new site; if you can't find the creator you're looking for it probably just means that they haven't signed up for Qufro yet. Hit them up in their YouTube comments and let them know that you'd like them to sign up!

Of course! Creators can support other creators by asking them questions.

Yep! The creator is free to set whatever contribution amount they'd like for each answer. But remember, if the amount is too high it might discourage supporters from asking questions.

Yes. If a creator clicks their "Edit Profile" button, they can change the amount there.

The contribution amount is clearly stated when the question is asked. If the question is answered within a week then that is the amount that will be paid to the creator, no matter if they changed the contribution amount after the question was asked.

Of the supporter's contribution, 15% goes towards payment processing fees and maintaining the site's operations. The creator will receive the remaining 85%.

The sky's the limit! If a creator encourages their subscribers to ask questions and gives great responses often enough then there will be plenty of supporters making contributions. To boost contributions we advise YouTubers to encourage their viewers to come and ask them anything on Qufro.

We use PayPal for withdrawals. A creator can add their PayPal ID (email address) to their account either during sign up or later, through their profile-editing page. If they have done this, they will see a "Withdraw Earnings" button on their profile page when they have a non-zero balance. Just click the button and follow the instructions to move your earnings to your PayPal account!

If you're too popular and find that you're getting too many questions, it's possible to switch notification emails off in the profile-editing page. If you switch it off, remember to visit Qufro to see new questions and get paid for answering them!

No. All creators must demonstrate that they own their YouTube channel before they can be verified as a creator on Qufro.

At the moment, our website is only open to YouTubers, but we hope to expand to include other platforms in the near future.

If you come across a question or answer that you feel is inappropriate, you can report it by clicking on the flag icon next to that message. This will alert our team and we will review the content to determine if any action needs to be taken. We take reports of inappropriate content very seriously and strive to keep our platform a safe and welcoming space for everyone.

All questions and answers are visible to everyone who visits Qufro.

The amount shown as "earned" is the total amount that your supporters spent. The amount shown as "available to withdraw" is the earned amount minus Qufro's commission, minus any previous withdrawals.

It may take a small amount of time for PayPal to process transactions. In such a case, reloading the page should remove the "processing" message. In certain countries, you may be required to log in to your PayPal account and accept the incoming transaction to receive the money. When you accept the transaction, the money will be deposited in your account, and reloading your Qufro page should remove the "processing" message.

You can email us at and we will get right back to you.